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About Renee Bergstrom

Owner of Haven Designs, LLC

Renee Bergstrom is an expert property stylist. She grew up in the real estate business; her grandparents were successful brokers who owned a real estate firm in Pennsylvania. They were Renee’s initial inspiration for creating Haven Designs, a full service staging and redesign business.

Renee has a creative gift and can walk into a room and know exactly what it needs with a glance. With an enthusiastic personality and expertise in property styling, Renee thrives on capturing the home with a design to which buyers become emotionally attached. Her passion starts with transformations of a home, life and people. A
well-designed room that has function can transform all of that.

Renee studied interior design at The Art Institute of Colorado where she fell in love with the creative process that visually tells a story through color and design. She is also a certified staging expert. In 2010 she founded Haven Design, make your home a haven, and found her niche in home staging. Soon after at the high demand from her clients, Renee added redesign services to Haven Designs.

Renee’s passion is transformations of a home, life and people. Renee’s work define trends and pushes boundaries with color, bold looks, and mixed textures, making each project unique.

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